What people say…

Here’s a selection of some of the comments I’ve received from people who have experienced my coaching. 

Feedback is really important as a coach, and as a coachee (client) it’s crucial that you feel in a ‘safe’ space during our conversations. Please take a look at what others have said about my approach to get a feel for the type of coach that I am.

“The impact you have had on me is massive. You have an ability to listen so carefully and at the same time guide me through a conversation to a point where I never thought it could go. Your passion shines through and through, which is great to be around… its infectious and empowering at the same time.”

“You have had a massive impact, you have increased my confidence and made me be more aware of the negative beliefs I hold.  You have supported me to ‘put to bed’ goals which I was trying to achieve, which I realised weren’t what I really wanted.  I have set goals and you have supported me to look at how I will achieve them.”

“Steve is a natural coach – insightful, considered and patient.” 

“Steve is an absolute joy to be around. He is positive, engaging, solution-focused and hugely productive. He is a wonderfully warm human being with a natural coaching ability. He is always interested and curious, asking the questions that raise awareness and responsibility in his coachees.”

“Not only is Steve a bundle of positive energy and enthusiasm, but he also possesses an impressive wealth of knowledge and infectious reflective style. Steve is super helpful, passionate about supporting people and enabling them to develop a growth mindset.” 

“You’ve really made me think about how I can do things differently.”

“Steve is great to talk to. I felt really comfortable opening up to him about things I was struggling with.”

“I felt really positive following yesterday’s meeting and I feel like you have helped me refocus.”

“It was a really good session and I liked that there was no ‘agenda’. The session was made clear that it was about me and what I needed.”

“Our 121 coaching sessions have been invaluable to me, it’s been great to work through my own thoughts and fears on an individual level. You allow time for reflection, you are able to listen and probe sincerely which has enabled me to see situations and values in a different light. I’ve always felt that it was a safe place to discuss everything which is precisely what is needed to get the most out of each session.” 

“I just want to say you are a brilliant coach, your listening and compassion and understanding is bloody brilliant, so thank you!”

“I started the session a bit teary and feeling like a headless chicken but as the session went on and we spoke more I started to think ahead of our conversion of what we were talking about and putting things into practice.”

“Our sessions have helped me press the re-set button and realise I am only one person and to take things in my good time.”


I offer one-to-one, group and team coaching and, in light of the impact that Covid-19 has had on all of our lives, all sessions are available online via video call.

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Steve Nestor