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Bug houses come in all shapes and sizes


We’ve been working hard over the summer, rescuing wood and using it to build handmade bug houses that cater for all tastes.

Our ‘ugly’ range have proved really popular with gardeners and allotment owners who want practical bug houses where bees, ladybirds and lacewings will nest. Although some of the wood used in building these insect houses is rotting in parts, the frames are solid – and provide good, essential shelter for the nesting insects.

Not ugly, but certainly not for the faint-hearted, our scary range of bug houses have caused quite a stir over the last few weeks. The coffins are packed with pine cones, twigs and leaf litter and make the perfect place for ladybirds to spend the winter. Our haunted houses are strictly for bugs only – full of holes for solitary bees to nest in and loads of nooks and crannies that offer other beneficial insects plenty of safe places to rest, nest and shelter in.

One of our most popular ranges is the good old Tudor style bug house, with many people buying them as birthday and Father’s Day presents, house warming gifts and, more recently, the more organised have been buying them as Christmas presents.

Neck and neck with the Tudors is our Balamory style range of bee and ladybird houses. Especially popular with children, we’ve designed and built various different styles – all of which have gone down a storm with our customers (and the odd gnome or two).

And our latest addition of handmade bug houses are already proving to be really popular with all ages. Our fairy bug houses make the perfect home for beneficial insects such as solitary bees and ladybirds – not forgetting your garden fairies.

We’ve had loads of fun over the last few months and are looking forward to seeing our handmade bug houses find plenty more new homes very soon. We’ll be at a number of craft fairs and markets showing off our designs between now and Christmas and we’d love to see you. Take a look at our online calendar to find out where we’ll be, and come say hello.

We’ve also started taking orders for Christmas so if you’d like a custom-made bug house, please get in touch for a chat. We only use reclaimed wood to build our insect houses so it’s guaranteed that no two are ever the same – meaning that you (and your bugs) will be receiving a totally unique, one-of-a-kind home.

To have a chat, or to order your very own handmade bug house please email me at

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Before you go, come and have a look at our ‘About Us‘ page to find why Homes for Bugs was born.


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