Building a happier, healthier, more connected world… One conversation at a time. 


Homes for Bugs was born in April 2017 to help raise awareness of how we can all make a huge difference to the environment by using rescued materials to build fabulous new homes for solitary bees, ladybirds and other beneficial insects to rest, nest and shelter in – whilst giving people the opportunity to come together, build confidence, learn new skills and to make time for their wellbeing.


Bee The Real You is our coaching offer! Having spent years of my life not believing in myself, I’m so passionate about helping others to see that life doesn’t have to be this way. We all have gifts and talents and very often we’re the ones holding ourselves back from achieving our hopes and dreams. At Bee The Real You we coach people to see the benefits of having a growth mindset, helping them to overcome their limiting beliefs and move towards to being the person they really want to be.


 Two businesses – one vision

We are all many things to many people – who we are at any one time depends on where we are and the company we’re keeping. 

For example I’m a dad, a husband, a whisky lover, a supporter of Stoke City FC, a friend, a cartoonist, the designer of The KangaCrew, a bit of a dreamer, a believer in people, an Open University graduate and a bug house builder.

I’m also an experienced coach with a background in communications & marketing, sales and learning & development.

I’m telling you this because you may have come to our website to find out one of our businesses, not realising that we offer various services.

Our whole business ethos is built on our belief in the potential of people and places, so why limit ourselves to just one thing when we can use our experience, knowledge and passion to make a difference in as many ways as possible?

Bee The Real You

I did consider creating a new website for my coaching business but Bee The Real You and Homes for Bugs are so intrinsically linked that it made perfect sense to keep them under the same roof.

Coaching has traditionally been reserved for senior leaders but I truly believe that everybody should have the opportunity to benefit from the power of coaching. We all have talents, gifts and skills – but not everybody may realise it.

Coaching helps with building confidence, self-worth and resilience – and helps you to see that just because things have always ‘been that way’, they don’t have to stay that way – your past doesn’t have to equal your future! There is always a choice – and you have the power to make that choice at any given time.

Confidence coach, personal coach, life coach, accountability coach… call me what you will.  I coach people to help them see their own potential (and that of others), to realise their goals and to move toward to the kind of life they would like to live.

Openness and honesty is at the heart of everything we do and we are driven by our belief in people, our love of the environment and our desire to make a positive difference in as many ways possible, so if you’re looking for an ethical partner to work with or feel that you would benefit from our coaching services, we’d love to hear from you.

To find out more about either of our businesses, and to get in touch with us, please click on the images below.