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We’ve got the workshop bug


When we made our first bug house back in March we never for a second imagined that we’d be running interactive workshops just a few months later. But that’s exactly what we were doing at the weekend… and what a fantastic day it was too.

I recently approached Creative Wolverhampton to let them know a little bit about Homes for Bugs and they kindly helped to promote us via their Facebook page. In the meantime we were contacted by Moya, one of the admins on the page who asked if we’d be interested in getting involved in an open day at Boundary Way Allotments and Community Garden in Warstones, Wolverhampton.

It wasn’t something we’d thought about…we’ve been happily making and selling our bug houses to friends, family and at craft fairs – and workshops just weren’t on the agenda. But once the invitation was there we couldn’t wait to give it a go. So we got to work on building some bug boxes out of scraps of wood we had lying around. The idea was to show that you can use any old bits of wood to create something that insects would love to call home.

We ended up with 24 empty boxes and all we needed then was the ‘filling’ to help the bugs feel really at home. We cut some wood to size and drilled holes to give solitary bees somewhere to nest. We then filled a box full of pine cones, twigs, leaves and bamboo…and we were ready to build.

We really weren’t sure how it would go but it didn’t take long for us to realise that the day would be a success. As the open day was in a community garden we thought it would be a great idea to use any individual ‘rooms’ created during the workshop to build a bug hotel. The idea being that this would encourage people to come back and check on it to see what insects have moved in…they could even add more rooms to the hotel over time.

Everyone really enjoyed thinking about what types of insects would use the holes, nooks and crannies and it was really interesting to see the different designs that people came up with. As we don’t use any glue in our bug houses, I explained that part of the challenge was to create an insect ‘room’ that was tightly packed enough so the filling didn’t fall out, but loose enough to allow insects to enjoy their new home. The challenge was gladly accepted as you can see from the pictures below.




The designs were fantastic, and as you can see from their faces, everyone had a really good time creating some fabulous new homes for bugs.



It was brilliant to watch the bug hotel grow throughout the day and really lovely to see everyone who got involved being more than happy to add their ‘room’ to it.



The day was such a success that we’ve now been well and truly bitten by the workshop ‘bug’ and we’re looking forward to our next one already.

If you’re planning an event that you think we could add something to, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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