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We’ve been busy

People keep asking: ” Why bug houses?”

After I built the bug ‘hotel’ I started noticing bee and bug houses in DIY stores and garden centres. The problem I found with them is that they are really quite small, obviously mass produced, pretty sterile looking with very little character (no self-respecting insect would want to be seen in them) …and pretty expensive too!  So I decided to make my own.

I’ve always liked the idea of working with wood so with my t’rusty hand saw, a 10 year old drill, a small electric sander, a few screws and a lot of imagination I set to work to see if I could make something better.


I was pretty happy with my first attempt…created from a pallet, with the edge of an old dining table making the perfect roof.



Next I had a go at transforming an old pub bench that I’d ‘rescued’ from a skip (with permission from the pub)…that went pretty well too. So I made a small insect house out of a scrap piece of wood I found behind the trees, then I filled a couple of small metal watering cans that had been in the shed for ages with bamboo and a pine cone. There’s something really satisfying about making stuff out of materials that you’ve ‘rescued’ from the scrap heap.



We started sharing our creations on social media and the reaction was brilliant. Everyone who we spoke to loved them…and people even wanted to buy them. So we started making more.

As our bug houses have become more popular we’ve been sourcing wood from anywhere we can get our hands on it. It’s surprising how much scrap wood there is out there when you start looking – and most of it is really good quality too.



And with the increase in demand we’ve even upgraded the saw…



We went to our first craft market over Easter and the reaction was really positive…so we’ve signed up for another two.


We’re planning to be selling our handmade bug houses at a few craft fairs over the summer – find out where we’ll be by clicking here.

See you soon hopefully.

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