What’s holding you back?

Your past has brought you to this moment – but it doesn’t have to define your future.

From the age of nine until I was 15 years-old  I was physically, emotionally and sexually abused. For years I felt useless, invisible and absolutely worthless.

Things began to change for me when I was about 30 and I met Tracy (my wife). She listened to me and was the first person to ever really believe in me.

It took a while to undo the damage that years of abuse had left but gradually my confidence began to grow.  I studied towards a degree with the Open University – graduating with a First Class Honours Degree (something I believed I’d never achieve). My career progressed – becoming a writer, trainer and (amazingly for someone who had zero self-esteem only a few years earlier) a speaker at national conferences.

Fast forward to today and I’m now a coach!

Life coach, confidence coach, personal coach, accountability coach… call me what you will.  I coach people to help them to see their own potential, using my life experiences, leadership skills, and a wealth of knowledge built up during my time in learning & development, sales, and marketing & communications.

My wife was the first person to believe in me. I slowly realised that if she could believe in me, so could I.

What’s stopping you from believing in yourself?

How true are you being to yourself? 

How many times have you asked yourself how you ended up here?

You are a complex creature with many layers created by your life experiences. The people you’ve met, the things you’ve learned and the places you’ve been to have all influenced who you are today.

You may see these layers as some kind of armour, possibly protecting you from getting hurt, keeping you safe and offering stability. But they can also be a barrier, preventing you from moving forward.

What layers have been created that hold you back from chasing (and achieving) your hopes and dreams?

How might removing some of these layers help you to Bee The Real You?

Life gets in the way!

How close are you to where you want to be?

What is happening in your life that’s getting in the way of you following your heart and fulfilling your aspirations?

How different might your life be if you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone?

It’s all about you!

How often do you feel that nobody is listening to you?

When was the last time you were listened to? The last time that you managed to finish a story without being interrupted? The last time that somebody dedicated quality time to you?

In a world full of distractions getting, and holding on to, somebody’s attention is getting more and more difficult. Mobile phones, social media, the latest X-box game and Netflix box-sets are just a few examples of things that get in way of us being listened to.

Being listened to (really listened to) makes us feel valued and important and having someone listen to you and to help you focus your attention on what is important to you can make the world of difference.

How can coaching help?

Coaching can help you to see your life from a different perspective and gives you the confidence and motivation to move forward and achieve your goals.

When you have so much going on in your head, it’s sometimes hard to establish what it is that you really want, and to separate what’s important to you from the things you think you should be doing. It can be difficult to work through your challenges alone, to prioritise yourself and to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Coaching can help with all of this – and more!

My relaxed coaching sessions help you to focus on what is important to you. It could be work, relationships, study, your business, your well-being – or any number of other things.

You won’t find any fancy, complicated jargon here either – just quality conversations that put 100% of the focus on you.

Having spent years of my life not believing in myself, I’m so passionate about helping others to see that it doesn’t have to be this way. We all have so many gifts and talents and very often we’re the ones holding ourselves back from achieving our hopes and dreams.

Get in touch

I offer one-to-one, group and team coaching and, in light of the impact that Covid-19 has had on all of our lives, all sessions are available online via video call. 

For more information about my services and a no-obligation chat to find out how my coaching sessions can help you to Bee The Real You please complete the form below and I’ll be in touch soon.

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Steve Nestor









Member of the Complimentary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA)